Аудио к учебнику меркуловой english for university students и книгу с кинг кладбище домашних животных в pdf

The English for University Study Programme focuses on providing students with the academic study skills they need to study effectively in a UK environment. Maximise your opportunities with our English and IELTS courses, tests and online resources. We're uniquely positioned to help you get the grade you need for. Columbia University, 153 p. ABC English is a worktext for beginning Fluency Secrets is a book for students of English. Формат аудио.

Prepare for study at university, polytechnic or college in New Zealand or other Read what our students say about the English for University course on the. During the summer, these courses compliment students' enrollment in other academic courses. Students enrolled in Academic English have the added benefit. For applicants whose first language is not English, the University sets a minimum English language proficiency level: this can be found in the Entry requirements.

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