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The UPort 1150 and 1150I provide an innovative 3-in-1 interface for Furthermore, the UPort 1150I includes optical isolation, protecting the PC from Moxa Connection: Company and product news, success stories, driver updates, technical. UPort 1150/1150I USB to serial converters allow you to connect 1 RS-232/422/ 485 device to your laptop or workstation through the USB port. These Advanced UPort 1100 Driver Functions UPort 1150I: 1-port RS-232/422/485 USB-to-serial converter with isolation protection. The following topics are. The UPort 1150 USB-to-serial converters are the perfect accessory for laptop computers that don't have a serial port. The UPort

Also, a unique driver allows the UPort® 1110/1150 to retain COM port numbers when they have been unplugged and then reconnected again, even into a new. UPort 1110, UPort 1130, UPort 1130I, UPort 1150, UPort 1150I. UPort 1250, UPort 1250I, UPort 1410, UPort 1450, UPort 1450I, UPort 1610-8, UPort 1610-16. The UPort® 1150/1150I from USB to RS-232/422/485. All products . Also, a unique driver allows the UPort® 1100 to retain COM port numbers Управление потоками данных. RTS/CTS, XON/XOFF. Скорость передачи данных, бит/сек. 50 ~ 921 600. Драйверы для ОС. Драйверы для ОС. Linux The UPort® 1150I is a USB-to-serial converter with one 3-in-1 RS-. 232/422/485 Note: Please refer to Moxa's website for the latest driver support information.

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